This week’s art movement we are investigating is Surrealism.

This is a 1920’s self-portrait by Wanda Wulz:

Wanda 1920's self portrait









This is my take on Wanda’s surrealist self-portrait:

Kitty & Lola B&W



Kitty and Lola Colour






Surrealist’s are known for their double exposures. I took a photo of Kitty (the human) on Skype using my multi-exposure setting on my Fuji X20. I then hunted down Miss Lola and took a photo of her. I offset the eyes so you could tell what I had done. I think this experiment was successful. It helped that Kitty (the human) had a white face mask on at the time which made a nice white canvas to place Lola (the cat) on top. Next time I would experiment with more contrast in the background.

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